Timing and Promotion


I am an avid long distance runner, having run all over the US and internationally. I have witnessed well organized events, for the most part. And I have experienced a few events that have had issues. I am also a race organizer, so I have an eye for what is working & what is not so good….

Of late, I have partnered with Great Lakes Race Timing Company via the Leprechaun Dash in WilloughbyOhio and the Run for Chardon 1/2 Marathon & 5k. I am also working with them to organize a 5k this summer and a new event this winter: The Frozen 4k, both in Chardon Ohio.

I have yet to work with GLRT on my own events, but because of that, I say that this testimonial speaks volumes of what I have observed. This team has been in business since October of 2015. You would think that they had been doing this for years. But that’s the superficial level. This crew understands runner’s needs, and they really care about making an event something better than what a runner might expect. This is passion, devotion and a work ethic that is hard to find these days.

I ask that you call me if you want more information.

``Steve Turpin (Project Manager for Chardon Living Memorial Park and Event Organizer for Chardon Brewfest/Run for Suds) 440.321.1421

Adding chip timing to our school's fundraising race, the Phoenix 5k, took it to a new level and helped attract more runners to our event. Working with GLRT was a pleasure and made my job as race director much easier. From helping us market the event to a wider audience, advising us with their race planning experience, and teaming up on race day, GLRT was always highly responsive, professional, and helpful.

``Angela Pohl
Race Director, AOA Phoenix 5k

Personalized Coaching


I have been working with GRLT and Justin/JT since April 2016 (approximately 14 weeks now) and I am so impressed by the results. I joined the program to prepare for my first half marathon (which I will run in a couple more months) and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the progress I have made so far. This past weekend I ran the Anytime Fitness 24 in 24 challenge where we ran 1 mile per hour for 24 consecutive hours… I RAN every mile, I did not walk a single step!! NEVER would this have been possible had I not been following the amazing training program set up for me by GLRT. This is absolute proof that the program works!!! Throughout every week we talk and discuss the past week and how I am feeling, if I am dealing with some aches and pains they tell me to take it easy and adjust the week accordingly. They really listen to me and what I tell them I am feeling and that is HUGE!! I am so happy I joined GLRT and once I finish my original goal of my first half marathon I plan to find another goal and continue to train with them. -- Courtney P 

It happened at mile 17 of the New York City Marathon. In the biggest race in the world, my legs gave out. Inspiration from the crowd, the enormity of the event, it didn't help. I struggled to finish the last nine miles, turning in one of my worst times at a marathon, just under five hours.
I thought I had trained well. After the race, I knew something had gone very wrong. There was no way I should have struggled so much so early.
I thought about putting an end to running marathons. But I again gained entry into the NYC Marathon; I was going to need to train.
This time I wanted to get it right, and that's where Justin Thomas and JT Wittmann come in. They assured me if I followed an 18-week training plan they put together for me that I would run my strongest marathon.
I was all in. I followed their plan completely, resisting urges to pile up more miles early and listening to their advice and nonstop encouragement. As the weeks passed I could tell my legs were growing stronger. The mileage built up and so did my confidence.
It ended with me setting a PR in the marathon on a tough, hilly course, shaving nearly seven minutes off my previous best, which was on a very flat course. I plan to keep working with Justin and JT in hopes of building more speed and to keep pushing the times down.
Justin and JT can put you on the path to success; all you need is the confidence and trust to follow that path. --Cliff P. - Set a 6 Minute PR at the New York Marathon (beat his time at the previous year's NY Marathon by nearly an hour)

​Recently opening up a new business, I had very little time to research and implement a marathon training plan. Having Justin and JT design a custom plan with valuable feedback was a no-brainer. Being able to hop on the shared website and see what was required of me was a great time saver. As with any program, you get out what you put in. Despite some struggling with scheduling issues, I still ran away a better runner (pun intended) I will definitely utilize their expertise and encouragement for future races. - Erika Z.

My training experience with GLRT was extremely positive and one I highly recommend. Having come from a variety of marathon training plans, including generic plans, Internet coaching and self-coaching, the experience of having hands-on responsive personal coaches helped me to achieve PR's in distances from 5 miles to 26.2 miles and put me within striking distance of my ultimate goal of a BQ in one training cycle. - Amanda A. C.